School Daze

We’ve been a bit busy in the Kaiser household: movers came Friday, tried to unpack Saturday, sprained wrist Sunday morning moving heavy coffee table, drove to Denver’s Costco (ER en route to ensure wrist not broken! Gotta love Interstate-accessible ER’s!), Alex started school Monday and Boy Blair assumed the role of interim Commander for the week (as well as Master of Cable TV/Internet Installation – top of priority list for moving into house). Evan and I started school Tuesday, and I finally unpacked our pots and pans today (meaning I have to cook? gasp!). This was preceded by a trip to Colorado Springs for a wedding. Needless to say, I have not found a window to write a blog entry lately (we also didn’t have Internet until getting it hooked up Monday afternoon). So I decided to post some recent photos instead:

Alex’s first day of school at St. Mary’s Catholic School (on our side porch steps).

Evan’s first day of school as a Trailblazer at Pioneer Park (Can we brag? He’s a smarty!).

Evan’s first bus ride to school with Ms. Yvette! He was supposed to ride the bus after school and get off at the Youth Center on base (two stops after ours), but I heard a loud, “Hi Mom!!!” at 3:50pm yesterday and realized he’d come home instead! Phew! Very proud of him for his first day of bus riding – he loves it.

Bus driving away :-(. And yes, I was the mom running to the sidewalk with a) nightgown still on, b) fleece jacket over top (brrr, it’s cold here in the mornings!), c) baby strapped on back and d) camera in hand!

Our house sign! All the “Bricks” – historic houses on base – have a sign out front with the ranking officer’s name/family.

Front of our house (with new baby gate for Carter!)

Evan’s future college! AFA

…until next entry!

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2 Responses to School Daze

  1. Sarah Hanks says:

    Well, we miss you around here. But do you miss us in that house!!!?!?!

  2. Blair Kaiser says:

    It is nice to have extra space for the kids to run around, but it’s a double-edge sword – I could’ve probably headed off Alex’s dumping of raw eggs on the kitchen floor five minutes ago had I been in our tunnel-vision tiny row house on Cap Hill!!!

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