Bug turns one!

Someone wasn’t lying when they said the speed of each subsequent delivery/birth picks up. Carter Elizabeth was born at 2:08am on July 14, 2010 with barely a hand to catch her. To this day, I don’t know the name of the doctor who officially delivered her (I give all the credit to the nurses anyway). For all I know he could have been a random stranger dressed in scrubs and a face mask, as he turned to depart as quickly as he blew in. None of that really matters, though, as we were ultimately gifted with a healthy, beautiful baby girl with a full head of dark hair and big, bright eyes (hence her nickname: Bug). She hasn’t skipped a beat over the past year, gaining a best friend (Celina)  and even a boyfriend (Indy),  ..all the while trying to hold her own with two older brothers…

“Baby Carter” (her great-great-great grandfather, great-grandmother, grandmother and new cousin share the same name, hence the “baby” Carter moniker) has completed our family. Her infectious belly laughs and happy disposition give us enormous satisfaction, despite her need to be carried on my back all day or sleep with an arm or leg touching me at all times. Soon enough, she won’t want anything to do with us and we’ll be itching for her attention. Happy birthday Carter! We love you!

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